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Posted By admin on 10/31/12 - Bookmark Panty Pounders
Information on A1LovleyDeea 3- CamJog.com Information on A1LovleyDeea - CamJog.com
Information on A1LovleyDeea 2- CamJog.com Information on A1LovleyDeea - 1CamJog.com

Finding a good girl to share your panty fetish with can be quite a problem. It isn’t like girls in bars have signs that say, "Hey, Mister, I don’t think your obsession with my panties is a sick and disgusting fetish. In fact, I think it is cute!" If they did live would be a whole lot simpler though.

It is possible to find girls wearing that, I like panties too, sign. The best place is always populated with dozens of panty fetish web cam girls. It is called Cam Jog. A strange name for a heaven sent place to hookup with models willing to model their panties 24/7.

One girl in particular appealed to me. She goes by a1lovelydeea and you can look up her bio page. She is a total babe. Definitely way out of my league. So it is perfect that she is a web cam model so I can still enjoy her.

The first thing I had her do was pull her panties up into her pussy lips for an amazing camel toe. She held them up there and I could see her skin turning red. I am sure it hurt a little, but she wanted to please me and as they say, no pain, no gain.

After my camel toe show I had her perform some pillow humping. Once she came I had her take off her panties and show he how wet the gusset was. My cock shot so much cum I thought I was going to give myself a hernia!

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Posted By admin on 10/03/12 - Bookmark Panty Pounders

36 Downsview Avenue  Westfield Surrey  GU22 9BT
Telephone No : 01483 772468  Mobile 07973 500512
Email address :  neil@the-edge.demon.co.uk
Lucie Hodanova Set 1

We just might be in the same boat. Growing up I met a girl in high school that liked to tease. This developed my fascination for girls in panties. As time went by other girls picked up on my fetish when I’d try to peak up their skirts and what not. If they were game they’d take me home and we’d engage in some panty play.

Then I met the girl of my dreams. She was very smart. She was very determined. She turned into a hot momma and a good mother for our kids. The only problem? You guessed it! She didn’t understand my panty fetish!

The kids are all grown and out on their own now. It is time for daddy to play. I don’t want to cheat on my kids mom so I keep things cyber-only. You don’t have to though. There are plenty of women in the online sex club looking for actual contact. For me though, I am content enjoying my fetish with girls that champion my commitment to my wife.

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